PRIVACY POLICY is a web site dedicated to female feet as aesthetic subjects, and contains no pornography. This subject matter is of an erotic nature to some, and viewer discretion is advised. While we firmly believe that female feet as an erotic subject is quite mild, we understand that some might be offended and put off by erotic content, no matter how mild. We strongly advise those that might be put off by the contents of this site to leave at once. This site is not intended for minors or people with personal or religious issues about eroticism.

This web site and all graphical materials associated with it are in full compliance with U.S. Code Title 18 Section 2257 pertaining to the publication of photography and film in an electronic media. All models are 18 years or older. Model releases are on file for all images not exempted by statutes, and are on custodial record with the site administrator. Questions or comments regarding this web site may be sent to

All our models have freely and personally consented to be in our site by signing a modeling release and presenting official U.S. Federal and/or State government issued picture IDs for age verification purposes. cannot and will not be legally or in any other way responsible for the contents of our links as any web site can change content abruptly. We add links using our discretion and mostly for sites that are of related in content to our very own. However, any links found to web sites endorsing child pornography, bestiality, hate groups and/or any other groups or individuals advocating violence and/or unlawful activities will be summarily removed and reported to applicable authorities. From time to time, our site will be linked to another site with questionable content, usually without our knowledge or consent, and not reciprocally endorsed in any way or form by When such cases occur, the web master and/or owner of the site in question is contacted, and told to unlink our site at once; usually, with a 24 hour period of grace granted. If our request is still not complied with, we then contact the offending site's Internet Service Provider directly, and advise them of the situation.

It is the policy of to forward personal correspondence to individual models, as long as the model consents, and the contents of the correspondence are not of a hostile, demeaning, vulgar or threatening nature. All correspondence is pre-screened before it is forwarded to the applicable model and any mail that violates our guidelines will be discarded and the sender will receive no reply. It is up to the discretion of each individual model as to whether or not answer any mail and will not be involved in a model's decision. All models accepting correspondence are clearly activated with their own mailbox (i.e. which is indicated in their update profile. If the model doesn't show a mail option, that model will not accept mail, and any mail directed at her will automatically be discarded.


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